Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Wish you a very Happy New Year ......

Iam Blessed with one more New Year !!!

One more  year to Live
One more  year to accomplish things i have left incomplete
One more  year to see you grow, play and sing rhymes
One more  year to take  risks which i was apprehensive  to take before
One more  year to work towards to my dreams
One more  year to live with my loved ones
One more  year to travel my list of places
One more  year to spread the love and joy
One more  year to say you sorry and break the ice
One more  year to feel the warmth of your love
One more  year to get more closer to you
One more  year to forget the world in the warmth of your hug
One more  year to work on my self
One more  year to know you more
One more  year for our lonely conversations
One more  year to Thank you
One more  year to Help
One more  year to Party
One more  year to Celebrate

Iam blessed with one more year to Live .....So are  you!!!

Wish you a very very Happy New Year !!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Meri Brother ki Dulhan !!!

For every Girl in this world she has 3 Men in her life who are almost Heroes for  her , infact Superheroes they can do anything under the sky ,wondering who are they ? In this que undoubtedly Father stands first and then brother and then Husband .(Husband and Brother places changes to and fro depending on the fights we have with them ) 

Now that  any girl cant choose a girl either for her Father or Husband and she thinks that both Father and her Husband had great tastes to  select her mother and her as their life partners .So only Man left in her life and for whom she can select a partner is BROTHER .

Now how can any sister  miss that chance of selecting a partner to her brother !!! Every sister feels that her brother looks best in the world , Handsome , Intelligent and the best guy that any girl can dream about, though she treats him as little nothing who dont know anything and who need to be taken care always .

Last time when i went out for a wedding i was crazily surrounded by bunch of aunties who want to know details about my brother , it was quite new for me i felt strange i mean my little brother has this craze in our community :) All this hallabulla made me think what any sister thinks when it comes to her Brother's Dulhan .

Iam sure how ever the Woman treats her husband they want their brother to be treated like a PRINCE, Sisters expect royal treatments to there brothers .Dulhan should never go against any of her brother's Order , even if they  never listen to at  least one request of there Husband .She shouldn't look too beautiful than her nor too ugly that she cant  fit in the family picture .She should always be the Smiling host to complete family and still dressed well with best Etiquette 

For Sisters- Brothers are always RIGHT !! No matter what kind of effort sister in law try to do to impress the new family , it all goes waste and we always feel she is so lucky to get my brother !!! We never come in terms with reality .I wish i remember that im  a woman first and then a Sister ,but this evil mind u never know how does it reacts ,because i personally saw many sisters humiliating there sister in laws  .

  I wish mera brother get the best and beautiful Dulhan!! And you know all my requirements Bro !!! So keep it mind when u choose !!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A picture speaks a thousand words!!!

A picture speaks a thousand words ………I see most of the time though we don’t understand the language we still see the magazines of other languages just to see the pictures . Pictures influence each of us ,not only kids.

Pictures  become such a treasure when you want to look back into your memories .My dad have a great collection of Photo albums which will be part of our family get-togethers where we see photos of our great grandparents , houses they lived , their friends and their  life styles . Photos capture the moment and the truth .We don’t realize the casual picture we took today with our friends will be a treasure down the  memory lane .School , college, Childhood and Marriage albums remain so special for the rest of our lives .

I remember hanging  posters of my Favorite actors all my room and it’s almost like they come to dine  with us and live with us.Some of us have photos of our loved one either on desktop or on desk or in  valet because they are just not photos but they directly influence your emotions and your mood. Just one glance of your favorite picture may motivate you or make you calm down or bring back that smile on your face .  Even psychiatrists recommend when you’re going through a bad phase in your relationships just go back and see Pictures which represents your good times .It reminds me scene from one of my favorite movie “Jab we Met “where Geet asks Aditya to tear and  flush the Picture of his x girlfriend , because many emotions and memories are  attached to that picture .

Large Hoardings of your Interests like favorite car, Actor, Dress Designs , Models, Food  definitely make you stop near the hoarding or  at least you will slow down for a moment to get the glimpse of the information the  hoarding has to give and any  PavanKalyan or Shahid Kappor Hoardings makes my car automatically slow.

People often say Pictures speaks Truth. Photos gives the first review about how we look as it  shows  gain of that one extra pound or one shade darker look and yea we do  have  tools to deal with them too  ,but on a serious note I think we can actually see the truth in the Pictures ,you can see the emotion and can feel the moment by observing the body language .A photographer shows us only  what he wants to show us, but when we observe a picture we can see much beyond that .So when next time you see a picture check if you can grasp minute details of the picture and when you’re are in front of camera remember its going to be a memory and will be part of your family  history !!! 

Monday, July 2, 2012


CarPoolIndia The Ultimate List of Car Pooling Initiatives in IndiaThose were the days when I used to stand in the bus stop waiting for my bus and almost all buses used to be over flooded with people and you need to wait for hours under sun and rain just to find some space in the bus. It may not be so dramatic every day, but for someone who had always travelled in college bus or scooty , taking three buses to reach the destination is definitely a task . So those were the days I used to see these cars with only one person driving which can actually carry another four people. It made me think so much about the wastage of fuel and causes of  traffic jams and why don't they ever think of carpooling or at least help people who are waiting in the bus stop to reach their destination ???????

Then after two years when I was driving all by myself I thought I should be this responsible citizen and  this was my only opportunity to help someone. That’s when I have decided to do whatever I can to help people!!! I even love to meet new people and spend some time which I can’t do every day because of my busy life...

I decided to carpool only women and kids!!!So when i was passing by my bus stop, I saw this girl standing in the bus stop ,she is from the same apartment, so I knew where her college was ,so I stopped my car and asked if she needed a lift ....she smiled came in and closed the door ......I felt I am a hero saving her from these romieos in the BUS, but then she was bombarded with  messages and calls and then she finally requests me to stop the car and starts her story ......."actually i had  a fight with my  boyfriend and that was the reason I took your help, if not he drops me every day and now that he is sorry ,I  want to get down !!!! My first stint at helping others was a disaster!!! Don’t even ask how I felt!!

And then next time ..........It was a rainy day and it’s raining quite heavily and there was one lady accompanied by her kid on road under a tree, I thought for a minute she is already wet and my car gets wet too but looking at the kid I thought that’s ok and stopped the car and she thanked me. She was almost on the same way and then she requested "Can you drop me until my home"!!! Side effects of service starts!!! I am someone who can’t say no easily :(  and then to my surprise I have to take some 8 narrow turnings to reach her home and  then I remembered how poor I am with my routes, but to my good luck it was night :( and in those days I don’t  even know a perfect reverse too !! I cursed myself badly and then when we reached her home, she got down quickly and jumped into her house as it was raining!!! I said Thank You to myself and took another one hour to figure out where I was and how to come out of that confusing route!!! 

And there follows colleagues orders when to start and then where to pick up what irks me is that they don't want to walk even a bit and want me to drop exactly where they want, irrespective of whether it’s a start of a flyover or in middle of the road and they make me wait until they come, the worst part being some of them invite me to treat because i can drop them!!! Can you beat that???? 

 I had it ALL!!!!  I had experience with an old lady who started shooting questions immediately   about my package , caste and even before I say that I am married she  started giving details about a marriage proposal ,two school kids who orders me what song I need to play ,  people who start marketing their religion in that 30 minutes ,aunties who actually forget that I actually exist  in the car and continue with their gossip!!!  a lady who was  in my car and when the car gave trouble, she gets upset with my car and immediately gets down to take  an auto , I came in terms with my ego  by saying to myself---- may be she is in a hurry !!!  And some others who would suggest me on how I could have taken another model and what kind of interiors I should have preferred and some others going ahead and commenting about my driving skills!!! 

My worst experience was when there was an Old  man requesting lift to every vehicle which passes by    and actually the route I travel by doesn't have frequent buses  ,but my norms was not to let men get in ,but then i thought he was an elderly person so I can relax my rules .He got in and first cursed all the RTC busses and then his Son , I thought if I turn on AC he might feel better ...but it turned even more worse ,he started asking questions about me , my marriage , my kids ,my caste and all. It didn’t stop with questions as he started advising on how a woman should always stay at home and take care of children  ....I was in  no mood to argue  , and I didn't knew the worst moment has  yet to come .He got down at his destiny and he gave  me 20 bucks :( and even before I say I don't take money, he continues to justify if it was in bus it just costs  10rs.But as he had comfortable   place to sit  and even had  AC he didn’t mind giving me an extra 10rs  and when I started explaining  him that I don’t want to take it, he gets furious and says he never takes help from anyone and he is a self made man and all , I came in terms with my ego and took the money .I felt I am a(Magnet) Goddess or Devil who attract only these item pieces :( 

Yea most of the time people made me feel like a cab driver and even some times like an Angel but then I had my share of good experiences during those worst Bandhs last year where there was almost no public transport and I had this chance to help people .I remember always words of my hubby who say never help anyone when they don't ask you as they can’t appreciate the help and my brother words ...either don't help or if you do, don't crib about whatever they do. I realised I am doing this because I love to do and I should not expect gratitude in any form and definitely should not expect people to be sweet, well mannered and Rational !!! 

But what all these experiences thought me was "why those cars go empty and why  all these proud car owners don't prefer carpooling !!!" But no I didn't stop carpooling, but I stopped being nice and learned to say NO  when i have to say it .................

Friday, April 27, 2012


What can a POWER CUT do ? Im sure you come up with all kinds of cribbing but store it until last part of this post  lets start with good things about it ....

  Bring a Family together : When ever there is a powercut complete family get together happen at  either Balcony or varanda where u get ample of air ,its fun when complete family is together and chat about everything under the sun seeing the sky .

 So lets check out what kind of excuses we can make out of it....... It can give a work from home candidate an EXCUSE
Boss : Where do we stand on the Project Status 
Employee : I couldnt update it as there was power cut .....(ya ya it sounds weird but thats the truth and why the heck u give those tough looks with the peanuts u pay i cant afford even an inverter )

Holiday  for the Kitchen
Wife : Oh Darling  , i wanted to prepare your favourite curry and this Power cuts , i hardly get time to cook and this has to  happen only now ???
Husband : Lets go to the Resturant (Stop the Drama )

Sleepless Nights and Baseless thoughts
Collegue A : I couldnt sleep yesterday all night
Collegue B : Blushes for no reason !!!
Collegue A: Damm give a break for your imagining power... reason is Power cut!!!

 Hour of the power
I remember ladies cursing the electricity department for there choice of timings for power cuts ....dont they know at this time of day ,this top saas -bahu serial will be telecasted ????? they realise they cant do much about it and come out of the houses and talk to neighbors about the serial again :( When the serial story ends they start with THE GOSSIP ....do u knw Mrs X son couldnt even get A grade , House no 36 Bahu never cooks for her Saas , I think Mr and Mrs Z have some issues i see them not talking to eachother in elevator ......Common Ladiess!!!

 And dont think Men dont Gossip ,they BOSSip-- they start cribbing how his boss is hopeless and useless and always make him slog and take his credit , how the female colleague in the office gets close only to MR X and never speaks to others , and how there organisation has to plan things to be successful ------i mean its not ur house buddy to give ur pocket plans to the organisation you better keep it in your pockets.

Music time : Even in this tragedy some people want to show off there assets ,,,,na na dont get me wrong i meant GADGETS,,, they play music in the phone and laptops and make people surrounding hear there bloody taste of songs ------------Now imagine they playing "Tuje yaad na mere ayein kise se abhi kya kehna " bhayya get lost, place urself in the washroom and if you still need some private  place to hide ,get urself in that gutter and sleep there @*&@*&@ why we should listen your heart weeping , and listen to ur breakup songs every fortnight???

Talent Show : We hear about child labour... do you know it happens even in our houses ???surprised ?? in this POWERCUT HOUR ---- you listens momma saying "oh my sona sings so well" sonu sing beta and he sings ******curious to know  what song??/ " Do u want me , do u need me do you love me ....aaja bebe mere naal.........."and now this neighbour aunty  gets intimidates and says pavitra to sing and she start singing "Akalesthe annam pedatha , alisosthe oil pedatha"  and im sure u knw the next line .......commom its Megastar movie after all .......Cant balme kids, parents love there kids performing on happening songs with ditto costumes on dance shows !!!!

  What MORE a power cut can make :
  •  Make an office bird run around istriwallas to get his dress pressed in the 11th hour
  •  Oppoiste Sex stuck in elevator , humm now dont think dirty ,,they may talk about common thing among them  thts  SEX!!! 
  • Now tenagers in co-ed tutions what do they do ......ahem ahem im not getting there as the time im posting this Post is after 8pm so im not sure if i can post adult material about kids at this hour -----COURT ORDERS
  • The so called busy Single professionals other wise who dont get time to speak to there loved ones call them to cut down the boredom in this powercuts 
  • Students have all reasons ready for low marks or not completing assignments 
 And i dont forget the FAMOUS ANTAKSHARI ......we play at powercuts im sure every house hold does this ........... And what do i do when there is a powercut ..........thats story telling time for me and if still i buy more time, I think about a post like this !!! 

Friday, October 28, 2011

All Things i love turn to be bad and all the right things i never like :(

 Till date ,i keep observing that , all things i like turn to be bad,unhealthy !!!....either the kind of friends i choose or the kind of clothes or the kind of food ...as i grew i realised and was sure that my choice was bad ...like if i loved the design of the cloth the quality was not gud , if i went by taste of the food the health factor disappears  :( so i made a point from then i never make 100% choice.
          Then came my college days where i was independent to choose my own things but due to my fear and my strong belief about  my wrong  choice   ... i  couldnt get close to things which i like as i knew eventually they turn bad nor i liked things which are good as i dont have interest in good things ....

So i get attracted to bad first, but then the  gud thing is that  i knw thts bad!!! so i knew how to avoid it ...and at the same time though i knew those are good things as i didnt like i never tried them .......so as a habbit i never choose 100% anything , i make sure i get an approval from my mom or dad or my bro or my hubby now ....

In case of People may be i like them intially (but i knw in future i will not  like them ) but when i get to know them closely i find them either boring or bad or something which i dont like and with people whom i feel they are not upto the mark initially slowly i discover certain new things about them and it makes them intresting ..

So when i say next time that i like you ...now you know how it can turn at the end .....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai

When i drive down to my office I see this Big hoardings of Airtel New Ad Campaign regarding F.R.I.E.N.D.S and the ads on air too bring wide smile, as everytime it reminds me of some or the other friend of mine ....I just lost into thoughts counting different kind of friends i have ....and MUST list for any one

This friend of mine is full of life and when ever he is around he makes people forget all the tensions....he know what i love and make sure that i do things what i love atleast once in a while and his philosphy is First u be happy to make people around u happy .....

Another Friend of mine who calls me to give me the details of happening programs in National geography and History channel she says we should know the history and about various important things in this world

He knows i never see news nor paper so he makes sure when ever there is important news going on, he  keeps me updated so that i dont get into trouble due to lack of knowledge

She keeps me on toes that i dont gain weight and gives me all fashion tips to be beautiful always and i adore how she teaches me fashion

I can take him granted and he is my 4am friend i know i can irritate him , shout at him but still i knw he still bears all my nakras

With him i can talk hours together ,it not need to be anything important it can be any topic under sky .

The one who gives knowledge about all the new gadgets and there updations .

My gossip friend who gives me details of whats happening and who is seeing whom ? without which i will be so clueless of the all the gossip

This Drama queen who entertains at every party and get togethers with her charm without whom the party goes so dull

This friend of mine with whom i share all my secrets and still they reamin secrets

She is the one who know the evil side of me , what iam actually and what i think about whom

This friend of mine helps me with the delicious recipes so that i will be the queen of my kitchen with all the appreciation

With her i can talk all nonsense and we can together give enough galis to guys around we crib ,fight .She is the one with whom i talk abt all types of guys ...

That friend with whom i chat just to kill the time .

This friend whom i know he will there for u no matter what .

The friend with whom i talk very very rarely but still when i talk i can talk hours together

The coward friend of mine ....teek hai still he is my friend oye .

The Selfish friend ...humm i feel these kind of friends are very important as they will be as measurement to check how good other friends are ....

He always give me big lectures about how to save where to save, what are the new investment plans

With whom i love to go to shop and who shares common love for the food .

The friend who praises me for all small deeds of mine , though i know i dont deserve i enjoy them,,,hardly people prasie why to be too modest ?

friends who share common intrests and organises the event or party perfectly how u wanted ....

The friend who by listening to ur voice can guess whts going on with u ...

The friend who encourages in ur career and gives all that gyaan abt life

This friend of mine whom i just adore the way he loves social service and introduced me to other world

The friend whom i never met but still remain one of the close friend and the friend whom u meet just once and then u knw she is of ur kind

I think its imp to have all kinds of friends who brings there experiences of life to us and keep us going , may be in some realtions u will be a giver and in some a taker ,as life comes in full circle i m sure,we will be exposed to all kind of feelings and friends some times u give and some times u take ...as the ad speaks Har ek friend zaroori hota hai !!!